Blog #2

My article was about the renovation competition to the Detroits waterfront area. It talks about the types of inspiration they pulled from areas like Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia and also about all the public attractions it would like to have. All the renderings in the article are very cool and depict a very cool and modern space that could change the lives of residents in Detroit and may make it a more desirable city for others. They are gonna add large parks filled with various plants as well as gardens throughout the boardwalk are. All of the structures along this waterfront are modern architecture building, such as a cafe and an amphitheater. I chose this article because it was a very new project that is being tackled right now and I’ve been to Detroit and live in Chicago, and I think that Detroit could really use a new large space where people could interact. Im also interested in landscape architecture and modern architecture so all these design proposals really caught my eye. I think this is important for the city of Detroit because it has a lot of bad stereotypes held to its name. Such as it being crime filled and very deep in poverty. So a new place that could attract people and bring a new perspective to Detroits many beautiful features, I think would benefit the city a lot.

This week the discussions of evolution really interest me. I love learning about plate tectonics because it is such a wild thought that we were once one continent. Its also very interesting to learn about how animals and humans have progressed and adapted to new environments. To my major, The evolution of architecture and building styles have changed but not in a way that is dramatically noticeable.



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